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Our Services

      • Identification, design, appraisal, monitoring and evaluation of development projects on crops, livestock, fisheries, agroforestry and forestry.

      • Preparation of Country Environmental Profiles and environmental impact assessments of agricultural, industrial and mining activities.

      • Assessment of the potential and actual economic benefits of rural infrastructure projects, including rural roads, intermediate means of transport, irrigation, water supply, and post-harvest facilities.

      • Impact assessment of agricultural development and research programs.

      • Conduct of policy analysis and preparation of short, medium and long term agricultural and rural development strategies.

      • Assessment of agricultural research activities and preparation of short, medium and long term research plans and strategies.

      • Design and conduct of on-farm research activities aimed at assessing the adaptability and adoptability of new agricultural technology for specific locations and agro-ecological zones.

      • Conducting institutional, management and portfolio due diligence on microfinance institutions for strategic investment decisions.

      • Conducting needs assessment surveys of small and medium scale, formal and informal business enterprises for business development interventions. 

      • Design and implementation of small agro-industrial and fisheries projects.

      • Design and provide technical backstopping for rural credit and microfinance schemes.

      • Monitoring and evaluation of microfinance institutions and village savings and loans associations.

      • Management of microfinance projects as technical service providers and resource centre.

      • Designing terms of reference, recruiting and managing experts in all technical disciplines and sectors.

      • Designing and providing training and capacity building to local institutions.

      • Technical Assistance in the development and management of national and multi-national industrial fisheries projects.

      • Management of large multi-sectoral investment projects.

      • Designing accounting systems for new and existing business

      • Conducting financial, management, and operational audits

      • Restructuring/reorganisation of existing companies to make them more efficient and profitable.

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